Top Engineering and Management college in Gurgaon

The Institute has its own cafeteria which has been nicely designed and located on the premises in the green environs. It is a well maintained self service cafeteria. It offers a range of food with hot and cold beverages and a variety of ready-to-eat snacks. The food and beverages try to incorporate favourite tastes into its recipe.

The cafeteria caters to the students’ taste bud and provides a free place to them to unwind in between the hectic lecture and laboratory, schedules Sitting in the open space of the cafeteria surrounded by green trees and bushes students feel relaxed especially during evenings. The ambience gives a modern, comfortable and aesthetic look.The cafeteria offers a range of food items like quick, crisp anytime snacks, delicious ice-creams, hot and cold beverages and nutritious meals. All these are available at reasonable rates.