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Chairman Message

No doubt I feel elated when I hear people speak highly of KIIT College of Engineering but I personally believe a lot more is yet to be done in the field of education .Our forefathers evolved the education system and continued to leave their footprints on the sands of time. They had enlightened us about the use of NATURE for our essential needs .They guided us how to recycle and regenerate for survival of our “MOTHER EARTH”. We must awake and conserve for our coming generation. KIIT fraternity, being in the field of education, has to understand that our mission is to contribute in putting a stop to any further exploitation of our Mother Earth which has already become too feeble to bear with it any more. Enough is enough. Education System has produced doctors, engineers and great scientist who brought laurels to the human communities.We can not forget the first unique conversation from space to the earth by an Indian Astronaut to the Prime Minister of India, who stated with excitement and exclamation “SARE JAHAN SE ACHCHA…” appreciating the beauty of Mother Earth. Now this beautiful mother earth is at the verge of collapse as corroborated by the global warming and as a consequence of rupture of ozone layer.We have to teach our students the ways and means to protect the humanity by understanding, appreciating and following the Law of Nature which unfortunately are being neglected. I wish to put on record my appreciations and gratitude to the esteemed, highly professional, world renowned, internationally recognized and honoured faculty of KIIT College of Engineering for their continuous, untiring efforts and immense contributions without which we could not have crossed so many milestones and reached the present levels of achievement. B.R. Kamrah Chairman,Vidyapati Sansthan

Sh. B.R. Kamrah

Chairman,Vidyapati Sansthan